Eclipse Opening Roof Systems – A year-round solution for enhancing your outdoor lifestyle

Eclipse Opening Roof System


Everything You Need To Know About Adding An Eclipse Opening Roof System To Your Property

We all know that summer days basking on a sun-soaked patio, sausages sizzling on the barbie and a few cold bevvies with your mates is a winning combination. But what about in those cooler months?

Eclipse Opening Roof Systems can help you transform your outdoor space from bare and breezy to a cosy retreat, ensuring you can make the most of both your indoor and outdoor spaces all year round.

What is an Eclipse Opening Roof System?

An Eclipse Classic Opening Roof makes balconies, patio areas, and pool decks more versatile and provides year-round outdoor comfort.

Designed and engineered in Australia, the Eclipse Opening Roof is made up of extruded aluminium louvres and stainless steel components, making it suitable for extreme heat, strong winds and coastal conditions that often cause rusting and damage over time.

Choose between the Eclipse Classic Opening Roof, or the Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof and gain total control over the amount of light, sun and shade in your indoor and outdoor living areas with the push of a button.

Eclipse Classic Opening Roof System

An Eclipse Classic Opening Roof makes balconies, patio areas, and pool decks more versatile. The unique curved design of the louvres overlap, providing maximum rain protection. Even in light rain, the louvres can be left partially open, while the water is channelled away in the contours of the louvres, keeping your outdoor area clean and dry. In heavy rain, close the roof louvres for protection and the wide gutter system will channel water away from your house.

Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof System

The Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof looks like a clean, sleek flat roof when closed but with the flexibility of an open roof. You can rotate the louvres through almost 180 degrees to block the sun while still allowing light and ventilation. The elegant flat slates of the roof completely seal when closed, keeping out the rain and protecting your family from harmful sun rays when you need it most

A stylish solution for year-round comfort

In summer, an Eclipse Opening Roof System can be closed providing shade from the heat, reducing cooling costs and protecting your indoor and outdoor furnishings from harmful UV rays. You can also tailor the angle of the louvres to easily ventilate barbeque smoke and encourage airflow, creating a comfortable indoor/outdoor entertaining environment for everyone.

In winter, the louvres can be angled to reflect light into adjoining rooms, creating cosy indoor spaces filled with natural light and warmth, while also keeping your outdoor space clean and dry for year-round entertaining.

Automated solutions for seamless control

Never get caught out with automation and control systems, including rain, wind and light sensors, timers and smart phone or tablet connectivity , as well as the all new T-Mate Bluetooth app providing seamless control of your Eclipse Opening Roof to suit your lifestyle.

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

We use high-grade aluminium and marine grade stainless steel, as the material is sturdy, easy-to-work-with and lightweight. Our aluminium louvres, gutters and framing can be powder coated or anodised to make them highly corrosion-resistant and highly resistant to weathering. They are non-combustible, will not warp or require painting, even in industrial environments that would normally corrode other metals, so you can be assured your new opening roof will be long-lasting. Plus, our Eclipse Opening Roof Systems only need a small amount of energy to operate.

Custom Design

At HV Aluminium, we love to work with you to help you on your journey towards your dream home. With your input into the design process and a plethora of design colours to choose from, we can create a custom Eclipse opening roof system and once you are happy with the plans, installation is quick and hassle-free.

Are you interested in adding an Eclipse Opening Roof System to your home or business? Contact HV Aluminium today for more information on 02 4903 3388. Services available in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and Port Stephens regions!

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