Paradise Room​

Modern screen rooms (often called Queensland Rooms) for flexible outdoor living.

The Paradise Room is an outdoor living space that can be transformed into another room in your home. Otherwise known as a Queensland Room, these screened rooms are perfect for outdoor living from summer to winter.

Open the door to an amazing room for all occasions. With Paradise units that slide, bi-fold and swing open, you can create a multi-function room. Enjoy alfresco dining or outdoor entertaining while protected from heat, bugs and bad weather. Our Paradise Rooms offer more than double the ventilation of glass rooms with up to 75% airflow when the sliding sashes are wide open and can be closed completely for use as an indoor space.

They are also designed to suit family life, with shatter-proof panes providing a safe alternative to glass. They are incredibly easy to maintain – most windows are almost impossible to clean without removing the insect screen on the outside of the property but our Paradise Rooms have panels that can be unclipped and cleaned using the special Tilt-Out feature. Simply undo the clips at the top of each sash and tilt the panel outwards, to access the outside of the sash. Once you’ve finished cleaning, tilt the sash back up and lock the clips into place.

HV Aluminium Paradise Room Exterior

Extensive Choices

Our Paradise Rooms are

  • Built from easy to operate, sturdy and lightweight aluminium frames
  • Can be individually designed with panels that slide, bi-fold and swing open
  • Choose from clear or tinted sashes, which offer floor-to-ceiling views to the outdoors
HV Aluminium, Front of Home Paradise Room

Thoughtfully Designed

Options include

  • Remote controlled, low voltage downlights specifically designed for outdoor use available in a range of styles
  • Screens to protect you from flys or bugs
  • Pre-set positions for panels
  • Sashes can be removed completely for a truely outdoor experience

10 Year Guarantee

We offer a 10-year guarantee on the Paradise Room when fitted by our experienced tradespeople.


Low Maintenance

Quick and easy to clean, with panels that can be unclipped using the special Tilt-Out feature.


Long Lasting

Panels are glazed in Mem-Tek Polymer Film, which is light but tough enough to handle the bumps of everyday life. If knocked, the Polymer Film will not shatter like glass but will absorb the impact and return to its original shape in a matter of moments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Rather than simply add a Paradise Room to your existing home, we will work closely with you to design an outdoor living space that seems like a natural extension to the rest of your house. From the colour, style and layout of each panel.


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