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Modern life has many pros, but also cons, and one of the most common cons is Australians are spending less and less time outdoors.

According to a study released in 2013, commissioned by Planet Ark, for every hour spent outside, we spend 7 hours in front of a screen. Another more recent study found that we’re spending approximately 90% of our time indoors!

Now there are many reasons for this – long working hours and screened devices being the main culprits – however, a common symptom of living in more urban areas is the sense of lacking privacy. Feeling like you have no privacy in your own backyard is enough to drive most people indoors and keep them there!

But you don’t have to live this way! There are so many benefits to spending even 10 mins every day outside in the sunshine, from an improved cognitive ability like short-term memory and creativity to a reduced risk of cancer. Here are some tips for improving your backyard privacy so you can reap the rewards of being outdoors:


1. Shut Down Nosey Neighbours with Privacy Shutters


Fitting shutters to balconies, pergolas, outdoor patios or other outdoor living areas is one of the quickest, most effective and cost-efficient ways to add privacy to your backyard. They also give you control over sunlight and ventilation, while being a stylish addition to your home that will essentially provide another year-round living space.

For more information on privacy shutter, see our Eclipse Shutters.

Eclipse Window Shutters


2. Block Out Unwanted Views with a Privacy Screen


Privacy screens are often a cheaper option than fitting shutters to your outdoor living spaces and provide a permanent barrier to block overlooking neighbours. They can also be strategically placed to create better backyard privacy without disrupting any views you’d like to accentuate.

For more information on privacy screens, see our Eclipse Priva Screen Slats.

Privacy Slats for Outdoor Rooms


3. Enjoy the Sunshine with an Alfresco Outdoor Room


Our freestanding outdoor rooms can create a living space in your backyard that delivers added privacy and can also help to reduce traffic noise if you live near a major road. It also provides an all-year-round outdoor entertaining space for your barbeques or pool parties. Your outdoor room can even be customised with shutters and louvres to let in sunshine or increase airflow!

For more information on outdoor room options, see our Alfresco Outdoor Rooms.

Alfresco Outdoor Room with Eclipse Louvres


4. Have a Pool? Why Not Try a Pool Enclosure


Pool enclosures are another excellent way to boost your backyard privacy – especially if your pool is located close to a fence line or in full view of your neighbours. Pool enclosures can be constructed from a discreet aluminium framework and offer different mesh options depending on the level of privacy you require.

For more information on pool enclosures, see our Florida Pool Enclosures.

Florida Pool Enclosure


5. Use Your Nature Strategically


An open roof pergola provides an excellent framework to add subtle privacy to your backyard. Train climbing plants to grow up the posts and beams of your pergola to add a natural privacy screen that will blend beautifully into your garden without the added expense of building in panel walls or other privacy screening.

If you don’t have space for privacy structures in your backyard, let your garden do the work for you. Plant in layers for the best effect – start with tall screening shrubs along fence lines, then step down to shorter plants towards the front of your garden beds to create lush gardens that will provide a buffer between neighbouring properties.

Alfresco Outdoor Patio with Eclipse Louvres


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