Plantation Shutters in Newcastle are a Trend on the Rise

Windows are such an important part of your overall home design, from both an interior and exterior perspective. You want to make sure they look great but also remain practical and easy to maintain. 

So you trawl the web, looking for inspiration that catches your eye.  And there are some stunning examples out there for both blinds and shutters to get your mind wandering. The problem is, how do you decide what’s going to be best for you? 

Plantation shutters might just be the answer! This increasingly popular design trend in the Newcastle region is an ideal window shutter type for a reason. Here’s why plantation shutters are a great choice for your window:


Plantation Shutters are Low Maintenance


When you are adding new elements to the overall design of your home, the last thing you want to be doing is creating more chores. If low-maintenance, wipe-and-it’s done cleaning is music to your ears, take a look at the Eclipse shutters – non-porous and water-proof so you can kick back and relax!


Shutters are Customisable


Every home is different, and every family is different. So it makes sense that customisation is driving the trend of plantation shutters in Newcastle. People value individuality, along with seamless integration into the existing fittings of a home.

You can pick your colour scheme, specify measurements and opt for frames that naturally complement the rest of your house. 


Heavy Duty Shutter Means Long Term Value


When you make an investment in your home, such as new fixtures and fittings, you want to get the best return possible. When compared to blinds or drapes, plantation shutters are a much better long-term option.

Cost-effective window solutions are driving the trend of plantation shutters in terms of popularity. Just take a look at the median house price in Newcastle, which has been growing faster than every Australian capital city.


Window Shutters May Increase Resale Value


Another factor contributing to the popularity of plantation shutters is they are typically considered an asset in the resale of your home. Blinds and drapes are usually taken down by the seller (or thrown in the garbage by the new one!) whereas top-quality plantation shutters are factored into the price of a house, and are much sought after by house hunters.


Window Shutters Provide Privacy, Breeze and Natural Light


Plantation shutters in Newcastle are also a popular choice due to the lifestyle. In a city of sprawling suburbs, where blocks of land are usually fairly generous and most houses have an abundance of windows, it’s important to maintain a bit of privacy. Plantation shutters offer exactly that, plus you can easily let those cooling Nor’Easters in when the temperature climbs in the summer months. During the depths of winter, when sunlight becomes our best friend again, you can let it stream through your plantation shutters without a problem.


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