Different Materials for Outdoor Rooms

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing materials for an outdoor room. Cost, durability, style and the difficulty of installation are the most important.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using cheaper materials, only to realise they are less durable or need constant maintenance. However, that’s not to say you need to spend a fortune on materials.

The trick is to find materials that suit the overall goal of your outdoor room. For example, if you’re using the room as an outdoor barbeque area, you might consider using tiling for the floor, whereas if you want to use your room all year around then insulated aluminium roofing may be an appropriate option for you.

If you’re having trouble choosing materials for your outdoor room then start with this handy guide. We’ve pulled resources and applied our years of experience to help educate you on the available types of materials for patio roofs and floors.


Best Material For A Patio Roof – Aluminium Or Wood?

The debate continues. Wood versus aluminium – which is better for an outdoor room?

At HV Aluminium, we’re advocates of using aluminium materials for a longer lasting, low maintenance pergola or patio.

Aluminium is non-combustible and will keep your family safe in extreme weather conditions.

It also gives you the option to build an eclipse or opening roof, so say goodbye to your standard tile or wooden roof and hello to remote opening roofs.

Aluminium is used in our slimline remote control Eclipse Opening Roofs, which will allow you to set up rain, light and wind sensors to automatically adjust the roof according to the weather – all this without the need to lift a finger.

However, no biggie if you still want to do some extra research to weigh up your options. We’ve written an article about aluminium versus wood materials for pergolas and patios. Read it for more insights about which material is best for your patio roof.


Patio Floor Materials

When it comes to outdoor rooms, patio floors are one of those things you have to get right. If you don’t, you’re either going to be tied up with never-ending maintenance costs or you’ll end up with a floor that looks, well, less appealing.

There are a few things to consider about your patio floor material:

  1. The location of your patio – will the room be attached to the home or separate to the house?
  2. Your budget
  3. The size of the outdoor space Building codes and other requirements.

Once you acknowledge these factors, it’s time to choose your patio floor material. Here are our three top picks:

  • Concrete

It’s versatile, adaptable and can hold a mould and conform to almost any surface shape. Concrete is also pretty easy to maintain. Not only this, but it comes in a range of surface finishes including smooth, stamped, coloured or tinted and decorated with inlays.

  • Tiles

If you’re creating a paradise or outdoor entertainment room then tiles are an appropriate choice. Tiles are easy to maintain and if you’re planning on having outdoor furniture then tiles will help prevent scratches from moving furniture.

  • Brick

Good old brick never seems to disappoint. For thousands of years, bricks have been used to portray a classic look. They’re versatile and are often used for patio floors.

Still, comparing floor material options and want more? The Spruce wrote a handy article outlining the different types of patio floor material options.

No matter what your objective, an outdoor room always requires solid materials that are durable, otherwise, you’ll just end up having maintenance issues.

At HV Aluminium, we’ve had years of experience putting together outdoor rooms, patio covers and pergolas so we’re more than happy to assist with your questions.


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