The Homeowners Guide to Eclipse Sun Louvres

Eclipse Opening Roof System and Sun Louvres Installed on Home by HV Aluminium Newcastle


Everything You Need To Know About Adding Eclipse Sun Louvres To Your Property

Eclipse sun louvres make a stunning addition to your home or business, elevating the facade with an stylish and functional shading system. Eclipse sun louvres can be used on windows or as an opening roof for your outdoor area. HV Aluminium are experts in outdoor living areas and have installed a wide variety of designs to suit your outdoor living needs.
You can add Eclipse sun louvres as a stand–out feature or a natural extension of your property, making it quite versatile. We get a lot of questions about our Eclipse systems and louvres – what are sun louvres and what does an Eclipse system do? To help, we’ve put together this guide on Eclipse sun louvres to answer all your questions!

What is a Sun Louvre?

Architecturally sun louvres are used as an aesthetic feature that adds form and is also functional. Well designed sun louvres can make a beautiful addition to your property, as well as working with natural environmental elements to maximise control of shade and air flow in a building.
Sun louvres can be placed horizontally or vertically, and are most commonly placed in windows as a kind of window shutter, in doors and in roofs as an opening roof for outdoor rooms and outdoor living areas.

Eclipse Sun Louvre Features

HV Aluminium’s Eclipse sun louvres are made from the highest quality materials and designed to meet your individual needs, to keep you safe and help you enjoy home life to its fullest.

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

We use high-grade aluminium and marine grade stainless steel, as the material is sturdy, easy-to-work-with and lightweight. Our aluminium louvres, gutters and framing can be powder coated or anodised to make them highly corrosion-resistant and highly resistant to weathering. They are non-combustible, will not warp or require painting, even in industrial environments that would normally corrode other metals, so you can be assured your sun louvres will be long-lasting. Plus, our Eclipse sun louvres only need a small amount of energy to operate.

Custom Design

Our sun louvres and other products from the Eclipse range are customisable. Regarding the colour, we have a variety of Colorbond contemporary colours available to match your sun louvres perfectly to your home. As for the physical placement (horizontal or vertical), the design layout of the sun louvres takes into consideration the needs of your home to maximise sunlight and shade at the times of year you need it most. You can also select the thickness of the louvres for your installation. Sun louvre thickness ranges from 1.2mm up to 2.5mm.

Maximum Sunlight & Ventilation

The Eclipse range of louvres and opening roof systems have been specifically designed to contribute to the overall comfort of your home and outdoor living areas all year round. The louvres can be adjusted to open to varying degrees to make the most of the good weather, letting in sunshine and airflow, while protecting your family from the elements during the bad weather.

What are the Benefits of Eclipse Sun Louvres?

Eclipse Sun Louvres offer a range of benefits that help you maximise your outdoor living area and help you enjoy your property to its full potential.

Reduce Red Tape Around Council Approval

Adding sun louvres to the existing building is not something you will likely need council approval for. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your home renovation project, as you won’t need to worry about all the red tape that is typical of bigger additions. Learn more about council approval here or contact us with any questions you have.

Customisable Design

At HV Aluminium, we love to work with you to help you on your journey towards your dream home. With your input into the design process and a plethora of design colours to choose from, we can create a custom Eclipse sun louvre system and once you are happy with the plans, installation is quick and hassle-free.

Eclipse Control Systems

When you add Eclipse sun louvres to your home you can choose the level of automation and functionality you would like as your control system. Choose from home automation systems, a toggle switch, remote control, push button or a manual control.

Typical Timeframe for Installation

Timeframes for installations can differ, as each project can be vastly different depending on the size and location of the design. A simple addition to an existing building, that isn’t required to go through the council, can take up to 6–8 weeks. For customised or more complex designs or if council or strata approval is required it could take longer.

Each project includes an initial appointment followed by the quote and sign up, then we check the design, measurements and plans for the structure. Once the measurements and plans for the project are confirmed, we look into the need for council involvement, then follow through with materials procurement, delivery, installation and clean up. HV Aluminium assists you with every step of this process to make sure your project moves along quickly and efficiently, with minimal disturbance to you.

We can work with you to quote, design and install a new pergola that blends seamlessly with your existing home. The entire process is managed by an experienced and qualified team, allowing you to enjoy your new space knowing it has been created by professionals.

Are you interested in adding an Eclipse Sun Louvre system to your home or business? Contact HV Aluminium today for more information on 02 4903 3388. Services available in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and Port Stephens regions!

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