3 Unmissable Advantages of Investing in Patio Covers

Have you ever experienced a pang of jealousy turning up to a friend’s place for the first time, only to discover they have a perfectly designed outdoor living space, complete with a stylish, modern patio?

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ area?

There are two major reasons most people consider investing in a patio, complete with a high-tech patio cover.

  1. You want to make the most of your outdoor space all year round;
  2. You want the ability to host parties and BBQs at home without having to stress about fitting all your guests inside the house.

Did you cheer “yes” to either of these things? Read on. We’re about to take you on a journey to living a cheaper, more social life. Let’s begin with how outdoor patio covers create an all-year-around space.


#1. You have space all year round

Do you have unused space in your backyard? You’ve got a golden opportunity to make the most of your outdoor space with a brand new patio, complete with a patio cover.

There are three reasons patio covers are an essential element of your overall patio:

  1. Protects against rain: You’re going to need a roof above your head to keep the rain out and keep the good times rolling!
  2. Avoid blistering summer heat: We Novocastrians love the outdoors, but when the mercury hits 35 degrees, we’re the first to complain about how much we miss winter. Rather than sticking to the sofa indoors on a hot summer day, head outside for a BBQ with mates under a patio cover.
  3. You can adjust the roofing options based on your mood: The Eclipse Opening Roof opens with the press of a button, allowing warm sun to shine in from outside. With the press of another button, the shutters will close and create a sturdy roof to keep the rain from ruining your day.

Your patio will transform with a versatile patio cover. You can change the louvre settings based on your moods, needs, and requirements, turning your patio into an adaptable oasis in summer and a cosy area in winter.


#2. There are tonnes of economic benefits to installing a patio cover

Installing a patio cover can save cash on outdoor furniture! Patio covers protect furniture from the rain, meaning you don’t have to constantly replace ruined or damaged outdoor furniture.

Saving your hard-earned dollars is the perfect reason to invest in a patio cover. Creating your own private oasis can save thousands of dollars a year on airfares and accommodation for holidays, plus a cool, shaded area in the summer will make you feel like you’re taking a vacation every weekend from the comfort of your own home.


#3. A patio cover can improve your lifestyle

If you’re tight on a budget and can’t afford to continually go out for costly social gatherings, then installing a patio cover is the perfect investment. You can invite friends and family around for a barbecue and encourage them to bring a share plate or two…

You won’t have to waste cash on petrol, restaurant bills, or finding an Uber. The party is officially on at your place! All you’ll have to do is:

  • Set up a portable barbeque and ask your guests to bring their own meat or goodies;
  • Bring out few chairs or ask your guests to bring along a camping chair;
  • Decorate your patio area with fairy lights.

Now your set for a cheap, social and fun night! Your patio area will become your new favourite space, filled with friends, family and fond memories.


Create an outdoor paradise with a high-tech patio cover

There are three major advantages of investing in patio covers:

  • You can use them all-year-round. No matter what the weather, rain, hail or shine, you’re safe.
  • Save money on holidays. Save $4,000 per year on a family trip and have your own paradise in your backyard. That way you can save for an even better holiday every second year. Win-win.
  • Become the social queen (or king). Save money on kids birthday parties and expensive dinners by hosting shindigs at your place.

Ready to get started on your outdoor patio roof?

The next stage is deciding what type of roof you want. We’ve suggested Eclipse Opening Roofs due to their ability to open and close.

Read up on our patio cover page for more information on choosing the right patio cover for your needs. Our outdoor patio covers are suitable for patios, awnings, pergolas, carports, sunrooms and screen enclosures.


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