What are the typical stages of a patio installation?

“Can you have the patio up in time for our barbeque next weekend?”

It’s one of the scariest questions a builder can be asked. When purchasing a new patio, pergola, or outdoor room, it’s natural to have high expectations and want a fast result from your builder.

However, patios take weeks to plan, approve and build. You need to factor in council approvals, purchasing materials and unforeseen setbacks. While it’s unlikely to occur, issues with council approval can add weeks to your patio project timeline.

The slightest mistake while building, such as a foundation or drainage issues, can ruin hours of hard work.

Don’t sacrifice quality for a quick patio build.

At HV Aluminium, we’ve installed patios for over 35 years and we understand the potential bottlenecks involved in building patios. However, we also know the most efficient ways to overcome them. In this blog post, we’re going to share the most common stages of patio building and create a ballpark schedule for your future project.

The patio installation stages

The time spent at each stage depends on the size of the project. Here, we’ve provided an estimation of how long it will take to get your patio project done from planning to completion.

Before we dive into each step of the process, here’s a quick run-down of what to expect:

  • Quote and go-ahead
  • Paying home building compensation and/or deposit
  • Job site check measure
  • Drafting of plans and approval
  • Plans sent for approval to certifying body or council
  • Materials list created and non-stock items ordered
  • Job-ready check
  • Schedule in project and builder
  • Deliver materials to the site Job start, finish and cleanup

So, what happens at each stage of the patio building process? Let’s start with a quote.

Stage 1: Quote and go-ahead

The first step is to request a free quote from the team at HV Aluminium. We’ll discuss whether you need a home building compensation fund (HBCF) or “safety fund” for the project. Getting insurance for a residential building project is required for builds worth over $20,000.

Once we’ve provided you with a quote and you’re happy with the figures, you can give us the green light to go ahead with the project.

Stage 2: Paying home building compensation and/or deposit

During stage two, we will follow up about the HBCF.

Once the home building compensation fund is sorted, we’ll request a deposit to get the project started.

Stage 3: Job site check

In stage three, our workers will assess the project area to look for potential roadblocks. We will then draft up the final plans for your approval.

Stage 4: Drafting of plans and approval

Once we’ve checked the site, we’ll draft the patio design plans and send you a copy to sign. The next stage will depend on the drafted plans. In most cases, you won’t need council approval for patio cover projects. In the rare case you do need council approval, our design consultant will discuss this with you. This way you’ll know in advanced if your project is going to council and who is looking after the application.

Stage 5: Plans sent for approval to certifying body or council

Here we will send the plans for approval the appropriate certifying body or council.

Sit tight! You’re halfway through the process.

Stage 6: Materials list created and non-stock items ordered

In some cases, we may be able to start ordering materials while the project is in its approval stage. We will discuss this with you on a project-by-project basis.

Otherwise, we will order the materials once we get the final tick of approval by the certifying body or council.

Stage 7: Job ready check

Stage seven involves HV completing a final check to ensure the project is ready to commence.

  • Has the council approved the plans (if needed)?
  • Are all the materials ready to be sent to the project site?
  • Are you, the property owner ready for the project to begin onsite?

Yes? Fantastic, time to schedule in the project and assign a builder!

Stage 8: Schedule in project and builder

Here, we’ll create a timeline outlining how long it will take to deliver the materials, complete the project and pack up.

Can you almost feel your favourite comfy chair while sipping on an icy cool beverage on your new patio?

Only two stages to go…

Stage 9: Deliver materials to the site

The materials are here and the tradies are coming! You’re almost at the finish line. The fun stage is about the commence. It’s not long now until you’ll be the proud new owner of a brand new patio cover.

Stage 10: Job start, finish and cleanup

The fun begins.

The workers enter the worksite, and do their thing! In just a few days, or weeks (depending on the size of the project), you’ll see the new patio appear in front of your eyes.

When the work is done, the contractors will clean up and head home after another day of hard work, leaving you with an amazing, new patio cover.

Request a patio cover quote today

Patio covers are long term investments. They can turn a simple, outdoor area into a usable, all-year-around space.

We’ve guided you through the ten stages involved in building a patio cover. There’s only one way to get the process underway and that’s to request a quote.

You’re new patio cover awaits!

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